The Divrei Navon Pop Media Series : Vol. 5 / “The Box” – Man in the hands of the Devil


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“The Box” is a horror film in the true sense of the word for it provides a look at man from the horrifying perspective of the Devil.  Completely bloodless, the tension is developed in Hitchcock-like fashion, building on the fears of our own psyche.  The plotline follows the moral dilemma placed before one couple and the consequences their actions have on themselves and all of humanity.  Laden with deep symbolism and references to myth, classical literature and the Bible, this film provides invaluable insights into the human condition.  The film’s ultimate message is perhaps best summed up by the character Arlington Steward, “if you human beings are unable or unwilling to sacrifice individual desires for the greater good of your species, you have no chance for survival.”


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Read it now: The Box - Man in the hands of the Devil


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