The Divrei Navon Pop Media Series : Vol. 3 / “Stairway To Heaven” - In a Revealed Light


What turns a piece of art into a classic?  What makes a song endure the vicissitudes of time and personal taste such that even after decades it still retains the title of “most-played track in radio history”?  Something about the song resonates within all who hear it; nevertheless its deep message has remained sealed to the uninitiated.  Indeed, the Zeppelin fan magazine “In the Light” refers to “the epic ‘Stairway to Heaven’, [as a song] the meaning of which is an enduring Zeppelin mystery.”

It is the intention of this book to present a cogent and comprehensive interpretation of the song based on the mystical thought known as Kabbalah. Let us look at the words, the music, the concepts, that make up the composition of art known as “Stairway to Heaven” in the light of this philosophy.


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