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Rabbi Mois Navon has been speaking on Torah topics for over 20 years.  He has addressed audiences of all ages and all ranges of religious observance in Synagogues, Yeshivot, Universities, Schools, and Kollelim in the United States and Israel, as well as far-flung places as Istanbul and Izmir, Turkey.  In addition, he delivers a weekly shiur on Jewish Thought, as well as leading groups on “The Tekhelet Marine Experience” - a half-day hands-on study of tekhelet. 


Mois is available to present on a myriad of topics - from Torah & Science to Torah & Philosophy, Psychology, Pop-Media and more.


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Venues where Mois has spoken

·        Yeshiva University/Bar Ilan - Torah & Science Conf., Israel

·        Bar Ilan University Kollel, Israel

·        Birkat Moshe, Hesder Yeshiva Maale Adumim, Israel

·        Hesder Yeshiva Sederot, Israel

·        Mevasseret Yeshiva, Mevasseret Zion, Israel

·        Midreshet Lindenbaum, Jerusalem, Israel

·        Yeshivat Orayta, Old City, Jerusalem, Israel

·        Midreshet B’erot Bat Ayin, Israel

·        Ohr Torah Stone, Efrat Israel

·        OU Center, Jerusalem, Israel

·        Hof Dor Antiquities Museum, Dor, Israel

·        Livnot U’Lehibanot, Tzfat, Israel

·        Beit Kenneset Lev Efrat, Efrat, Israel

·        Beit Kenneset Shirat Shlomo, Efrat, Israel

·        Beit Kenneset Rimon Sefaradi, Efrat, Israel

·        Beit Kenneset Tifferet Avot, Efrat, Israel

·        Tzurba MeRabannan, Mevasseret Tzion, Israel

·        Orot Etzion Elementary School, Efrat, Israel

·        Aseh Hayil Elementary School, Efrat, Israel

·        Gush Etzion Regional Elementary School, Israel

·        Yeshivat Neve Shmuel, Efrat, Israel

·        Young Judea, Jerusalem, Israel

·        Beit Kenneset Kehillaat Yeshurun, RBS, Israel

·        Beit Kenneset Caesarea, Israel

·        Berman Shul, Rehovot, Israel

·        Beit Kenneset Maasei Nissim, Har Nof, Israel

·        Emunah Women, Har Nof, Israel

·        Westwood Village Shul, Los Angeles, CA, USA

·        Westwood Kehilla, Los Angeles, CA, USA

·        Kollel of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, USA

·        West Coast Torah Center, Beverly Hills, CA, USA

·        Sepharadic Education Center (SEC), Los Angeles, CA, USA

·        Kahal Josef, Los Angeles, CA, USA

·        Young Israel of Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills, CA, USA

·        Aish of the Valley, Los Angeles, CA, USA

·        Yavne Yeshiva High School, Los Angeles, CA, USA

·        Miami International Conf. on Torah & Science, Miami, USA

·        Beth Jacob of San Diego, CA, USA

·        Manhattan Sephardic Congregation, NY, USA

·        “Talmud Torah” of Istanbul, Turkey

·        Chabad of Istanbul, Turkey

·        Chabad of Izmir, Turkey

·        Limmud Istanbul, Turkey

·        Gesher, JDC, Bulgaria

What People Are Saying

It was a huge pleasure to meet you and truly enlightening to listen to your talk and to learn a bit about your many sided journeys. Thank also for the marvelous essays -- such a depth of vision, a wide range of sources, inspiring Torah. You have much to teach!

Vera Schwarcz

Freeman Professor, East Asian Studies, Wesleyan University


Special guest speakers like yourself, help create the amazing “Year in Israel” experience that cannot be underestimated, and I just wanted you to know how much we all appreciated … the content you shared with our students.

Scott Apfelbaum

Administrative Director, Orayta


Some of what impressed me on your Tekhelet Marine Tour was that the tour was well organized re-locating three different times and able to "pick up" immediately each time.  Your ability to maintain eye-contact with the entire group kept everyone's attention.  Obviously you are very very knowledgeable regarding the subject.  And what I really enjoyed was your enthusiasm and dedication to your audience.  Dedication in that you were so thorough - you could have stopped at any point and ended the tour – yet you kept giving us more and more, especially spending time to refer to the "sources" and making sure everyone heard you and everyone understood.  I left with the feeling that you wanted each of us to really "get" everything.  Kol HaKavod!

Sue Taragin

Docent, Jewish Museum, New York


I want to thank you very much for your inspiring and interesting shiur and presentation for the young adults yesterday in my home.

R. Mendy Chitrik

Chabad, Istanbul


I want to thank you for the great trip. All family members from 7 - 77 really enjoyed it.

Perry Saul


I very much enjoyed our discussions at the conference, and enjoyed your talk immensely.

Eric Palmer

Philosophy Professor

Thank you so much for the incredible and fascinating marine tour on Thursday afternoon! We all learned so much and had a great time. We really appreciate all your efforts.

The Gold Family

Nof Ayalon


Thank you for everything.  You were terrific.

David Katz

Ohr Torah Stone


I just wanted to thank you so much for yesterday. My kids really enjoyed it.

Simon Cohen                                                

Director of Shevet, Young Judaea and FZY Year Course


Thank you so much for such an enjoyable day.  We will be talking about it for a long time.
The Greenstone Family


Please forgive me for not getting back to you with all the positive

feedback - the students overwhelmingly enjoyed your presentation .

Shani Taragin

Midreshet Lindenbaum


About your Tekhelet Tour: we loved it – every minute of it. We would love to do it again and spend a longer amount of time in the water. How very interesting and special. You were excellent. Many thanks for your wonderful presentation. We had to wait a year to get in and it was well worth it.

Ronda Israel


Just to say thank you for what was a really interesting afternoon, combining Halacha, history and science in an educational programme that was fun for the children and those of us just young enough to remember our school chemistry lessons.

Well done!

Belinda & Gareth Kreike



It was such a great pleasure meeting you at Gesher this year and enjoy the light of your lectures and presence. Rarely do I have the opportunity to listen to such an inspirational, informative and coherent lecturer (generally speaking, not only in the Jewish world).

Sonja Stojanovic

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